About Us

About US

"With BetterBets you will make money and beat the odds makers. I’ve made a decent amount of money by following their tips. This service is for any serious gamblers looking to consistently make money in the long run."

- Jorge Martinez

“Placing a bet feels more like an investment. Good stuff. Would recommend/10”

- Rajdeep Singh,

“Best in the e-sports betting business can't really call it betting when you're always winning”

- Mike Jones,

BetterBets Mission

BetterBets is unlike most tipping services are based on anecdotal evidence and have a lack of reliable result to show for it. We use a data driven approach to back up our prediction with real insight and artificial intelligence. Our results speak for themselves. We don’t just value innovation, we demand it.

Services we provide
Deep learning algorithms
We use deep neural networks to learn how likely a team is to win, by making sense of large and diverse data sources.
Experienced analysts
Combining the best data analysis with the best analysts, our team has over 10 years experience in sports betting
Data driven
Data is at the forefront of our prediction strategy. Every second of a sports game contains a potentially useful piece of data. We use it.
Active community
Fostering an active community is paramount to us. Join our Discord and share predictions, talk tournaments or just share your
Selective markets
We are very selective about what sports markets we enter, what bookies to choose and most importantly how and when to bet.
DateMatchBet sizeReturn
19.11.2016SK vs NiP
19.11.2016Over 2.5 Maps
19.11.2016Fnatic under 12.5 Rounds
19.11.2016Dignitas vs Kinguin
19.11.2016Renegades Over 8.5 Rounds
19.11.2016Kinguin Over 8.5 Rounds
19.11.2016Envy vs Mousesports