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Data Driven Betting

Most tipping services are based on anecdotal evidence and have a lack of reliable results to show for it. We use a data approach to back up our predictions with real insight and artificial intelligence. Our results speak for themselves. We don`t just value innovation, we demand it.


Deep learning algorithms

We use deep neural networks to learn how likely a team is to win, by making sense of large and diverse data sources, God mode for your betting


Data driven

Data is at the forefront of our prediction strategy. Every second of a sports game contains a potentially useful piece of data. We use it


Machine Learning

Utilising advanced machine learning and A.I. Every second of a sports game is analysed for any useful pieces of data for pinpoint accuracy.


Experienced Analysts

Combining the best data analysis with the best analysis, our team has over 10 years combined experience in sports betting


Active Community

Fostering an active community is paramount to us. Join our Discord and share predictions, talk tournaments or just share your wins


Selective Markets

We are very selective about what sports markets we enter, what bookies to choose and most importantly how and when to bet.

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Reliable, fantastic service. Definitely, will keep using
June 29, 2017
Placing a bet feels more like an investment. Good stuff.
May 07, 2016
Best in the e-sports betting business! Highly recommended!
May 07, 2016

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Combining the best data analysis with the best analysts, our team has over 10

years combined experience in sports betting.

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