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PENTA vs North – PGL Major Krakow 2017

PENTA vs North – PGL Major Krakow 2017

PENTA VETO – Cobblestone

PENTA VETO – Overpass

North VETO – Train

North VETO – Inferno or Mirage

North VETO – Cache

PENTA PICK – Mirage or Inferno

Mirage – 55/45 to North

I think PENTA has a decent shot on Mirage just off the way they have been playing as a team, their comeback yesterday against SK was really good to watch and it shows they have tenacity by bringing it back against the best team in the world currently. North seems to have a lot of mental issues with staying focused in the game etc and I think that PENTA could do a lot of damage here if North allow it. Overall I think North is definitely favored to win but it’s really anyone’s game. The problem I see with PENTA is their low pistol win rate and they will need to win at least 1 to take the game and that won’t be easy against North who are highly skilled pistol players.

Inferno – 56/44 to North

Although PENTA almost defeated SK yesterday it needs to be mentioned that they had a difficult time doing anything on T side and ended the half 10-5 after getting some lucky rounds towards the end but it was originally 10-0. North have great teamwork they can fall back on and if they come out hot I think they can easily take it, especially after they will be able to go over PENTA’s demo from yesterday. Overall I will take North to win here but it will be close.

Overall –

I have really enjoyed watching PENTA over the last few weeks and I believe they could make the playoffs of the major if they manage to keep this level of performance up. North has been lackluster for months now.