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NiP vs EnvyUS – Dreamhack Open Valencia 2017

NiP vs EnvyUS – Dreamhack Open Valencia 2017


Map Veto-

NiP removed Cobblestone

EnVyUs removed Overpass

NiP picked Mirage

EnVyUs picked Train

NiP removed Inferno

EnVyUs removed Cache

Nuke was left over


Honestly, this should be a walk in the park for NiP, It seems as though EnvyUs have been facing several struggles in both their performance in general and their ability to close and finish games losing to KPI and narrowly passing through Misfits. On the other hand, NiP has been on form lately demolishing teams like G2, Mousesports and CLG. However that being said we did see towards the end of the Red Reserve game EnvyUs start to take shape, however this is not enough to justify a stake.


Suggested Bet-

Plenty of live betting will be taking part via our Discord so be sure to join there. We are securing EnvyUs at 3.09 odds at a 1% Stake.


However our suggested bet for the evening will be:

  • NiP win map one 2.5% stake
  • NiP win map three 2.5% stake


UPDATE 8:54pm:

  • 2.5% stake NiP map two