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Liquid vs EnvyUs – ESL Pro League Season 5

Liquid vs EnvyUs


Liquid BAN – Train
Envy BAN – Overpass
Liquid PICK – Cobblestone or Mirage
Envy PICK – Nuke
Liquid BAN – Cache or Inferno
Envy BAN – Mirage or Cobblestone
Map(s) Remaining – Inferno or Cache (Not sure which map Liquid will ban)
Maps played – Cobblestone or Mirage / Nuke / Inferno

Cobblestone – 57/43 to Liquid
Mirage – 65/35 to Liquid
Nuke – 65/35 to Envy
Inferno – 57/43 to Envy
Cache – 53/47 to Envy

Overall –

Liquid will most likely win their map pick if they play to a decent standard. Obviously they’re an unknown factor when it comes to form, I don’t know what kind of liquid will show up but going under the assumption they don’t play like shit then it will go to a third map but here’s where it gets tricky. Envy are good on inferno despite what their results show, they have lost a lot of close games and it would be wise of liquid to not underestimate them on Inferno so I think Cache would be a better choice but JDM said they had prepared a lot on the map so they may decide to choose it anyway. EnvyUs has a good chance at taking this match because they are decent on Cobblestone as well but I think Liquid are definitely stronger. Overall I will side with EnvyUs 2-0 but it could easily go Liquids way if Envy have an off match.

Suggested bet –

There’s a few ways you can bet here. If liquid choose Mirage then I would definitely take them to win that map but if not then I think a very small bet on EnvyUs 2-0 over Liquid but this is a risky game in the sense that it could go 2-1 depending on the map VETO, I would only suggest 2-0 if the maps are Cobblestone / Nuke as the first two maps.
Mirage bet amount (if Liquid choose it) – 2.5% if over 1.8 odds, if under then SKIP
2-0 bet amount if maps are Cobble / Nuke – 1.5% if odds are over 2.25

As always be sure to check out our odds calculator  prior to placing your bet as the odds may have changed!