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Gambit vs Optic – CS Summit 2017

Gambit vs Optic


Gambit VETO – Mirage

Optic VETO – Inferno

Gambit PICK – Train

Optic PICK – Nuke

Gambit VETO – Cache

Optic VETO – Overpass

Map(s) Remaining – Cobblestone

Maps Played – Train / Cache / Cobblestone


Train – 61/39 to Gambit

Gambit played well against Liquid but a 16-1 scoreline isn’t really enough to judge on how prepared they are as a team on this map really. Gambit has superior stats in every way on this map and on top of that they have 2 full games to go over from Optics previous matches to see their tendencies as a team as well as countering JasonR because Zeus is one of the most decorated IGL’s in CS and I have no doubt he will be able to outplay JasonR in calling. I will take Gambit to win this map

Pistol Round Win %

Gambit – 5/14

Optic – 3/10

Nuke – 56/44 to Optic

Even though Gambit won against Liquid who did admittedly look strong on this map I am still not overly convinced by their ability on this map because they don’t play it that often and Zeus has never really liked calling on Nuke especially when in NaVi. Optic on the other hand has been playing this map a lot recently (5 times in the last month) with good results to show for it. Gambit is stronger on T side but Optic is stronger on CT so this map overall looks pretty even to me except for the fact Optic has a very high pistol win rate which could be the game changer here. If Optic get off to a good start it could be very difficult for Gambit to stop them. Overall I favor Optic to win this map but it is close.

Pistol Round Win %

Gambit – 5/12

Optic – 9/12

Cobblestone – 59/41 to Gambit

Gambit used to be absolute powerhouses on this map and like I’ve said in previous writeups they defeated Virtus.Pro at DH Masters as well as North at E-League Major but now teams seems to have caught on how they play and they aren’t as dominant but obviously still a force to be reckoned with on Cobblestone. Optic played well against Cloud9 yesterday but one game isn’t enough to convince me as form can vary from day to day but preparedness stays with you and Gambit are most certainly prepared on this map. Gambit is statistically superior in every aspect compared to Optic and I think the American squad will have a very difficult time controlling Gambit here because if they show up to what they’re capable of then it’s going to be all over red rover in my opinion and Zeus will be itching for the win. Overall I will pick Gambit to win this map.

Pistol Round Win %

Gambit – 9/16

Optic – 7/16


Overall –

Gambit 2-1. I think Gambit are too well prepared here and with JasonR going up against one of the most experienced IGL’s in the world it could be too much for him too handle, on top of this they are still a relatively new team and Gambit usually show up on LAN, they only really lose to the high tier 2/tier 1 teams (excluding a few outlier BO1’s)