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Gambit vs Mousesports – PGL Major Krakow 2017

Gambit vs Mousesports – PGL Major Krakow 2017


Gambit VETO – Mirage

Gambit VETO – Cobblestone

Mousesports VETO – Overpass

Mousesports VETO – ?

Mousesports VETO – ?

Gambit PICK – Train / Inferno / Nuke / Cache (Most likely left out)

Train – 55/45 to Gambit

Due to both teams having ample time to prepare for this game and Zeus being a veteran IGL with loads of experience I think they will have an advantage over Mousesports here because it’s their most successful map recently and it’s tactical. ropz has never played at this level before as well and there have been instances where he doesn’t show up due to pressure. All of this combined I think Gambit should take Train.

Inferno – 50/50

This could go either way, both have shown amazing potential on this map and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s played here. Gambit always has something prepared during the majors and there’s a reason they are a Legends team. The only problem I see with Mousesports here is their low pistol win rate (5/12) compared to Gambits (8/10). Overall it’s a 50/50 but will side with Gambit

Nuke – 62/38 to Mousesports

Mousesports has been formidable on Nuke and even managing to beat FaZe on it as well. Gambit has dabbled in it but I am not convinced by their recent performances to be able to beat Mousesports here. I favor Mousesports to win.

Overall – Gambit 100% is going to be prepared for this opening match there’s no 2 ways about it, Mousesports with not having a proper IGL who is experienced like Zeus it could put them on the back foot if they don’t get off to a good start.

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