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Fnatic vs Flipsid3 – PGL Major Krakow 2017

Fnatic vs Flipsid3 – PGL Major Krakow 2017


Fnatic VETO – Nuke

Fnatic VETO – Overpass

Flipsid3 VETO – Cobblestone

Flipsid3 VETO – Cache

Flipsid3 VETO – Inferno

Fnatic PICK – Mirage or Train

Mirage – 63/37 to Fnatic

Fnatic should really win this map if it’s chosen but they have been lacking consistency recently. The thing is this is a major and fnatic has always stepped up during that time and i think they should be able to win but the problem is Flipsid3 is renowned for counter-stratting teams and since this is the opening match anything can happen especially if Flipsid3 get off to a good start. Overall i will take fnatic to win but Flipsid3 has a chance on upsetting here.

Train – 60/40 to Fnatic

This is another map fnatic should win but again they lack consistency. Flipsid3 has only played this map once which was against Renegades during the Major Qualifiers 2 weeks ago and they won in OT so i don’t have a lot of information on them currently but I do know that if fnatic pick this map Flipsid3 will be starting on CT which is a huge advantage for them. Overall i will take fnatic to win again but this could go down to the wire.

Overall –

Going against fnatic in a tournament isn’t usually that bad of an idea especially when the odds are this good but you must keep in mind that this is the Major and fnatic are legends in this aspect. The only thing i see which helps Flipsid3 is the fact it’s the opening round of the tournament and they will have had lots of time to prepare for fnatic specifically which increases the chances of an upset greatly.

Suggested bet – 1% stake on Flipside Tactics (WILL BE LIVE HEDGE)

Official bet: 1.60 +6.5 Flipside