Frequently Asked Questions

By subscribing to BetterBets you gain access to a plethora of premium sports betting predictions via our machine learning model, teams of analysts and more exciting thing such as arbitrage trading tools as well as hedging tools all via our sleek, easy to use dashboard platform. Above and beyond that you also get exclusive access to giveaways, early new releases and much more! All to help you become the sports bettor you can be.

A very fair question. BetterBets is a service that was formed to turn the odds back into the sports bettors favour, during the inception we knew that to truly create tangible lasting change, we couldn’t be like every other sports “prediction” service we had to take it to another level so that is exactly what we did. Utilising advanced machine learning we take predictions to a whole new level, creating a service several times more accurate than competitors.

No. If at anytime you decide to cancel your subscription for whatever reason, we will charge you for the final month (30 day period) and your subscription will be cancelled. If anytime you would like to join again you can do so and all your information will be where you left it.

Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. In terms of sports betting, machine learning allows us to analyse information at a much higher level than any sports betting tipster every could. Leading to higher quality predictions and overall profit.

That’s the easy part, you can sign up by clicking here and following the prompts