Astralis vs G2 – ECS Season 4 Europe

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Astralis vs G2 – ECS Season 4 Europe

Two titans go head to head in a best of two matchup on Overpass & Nuke which should lead to an interesting best of two series.

Starting with Nuke, this map is a clear advantage for Astralis winning almost 100% of their last 20 games played compared to G2’s 77% accounting for the high calibre of team Astralis has faced, lends the advantage to them, however not by a large margin.

Look for the playmakers Device & Xyp9x to deliver the big plays to secure Astralis this win.

Suggested Bet: 1% Stake Astralis to win Nuke

Overpass we can expect things to be a little closer, a much better map for the G2 squad, however we can expect Astralis to edge this out.

Suggested Bet:

  1. 1% Stake Astralis to win Overpass
  2. +3.5 G2 1% Stake